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- Manual Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing (MUT) is vital to the integrity and performance management of capital assets in safety critical industries including aerospace, chemical processing and power generation. The MUT system comprises of the sum of its procedures, equipment and personnel. Given the essential need for robust inspection systems, and the known variability of man-machine interfaces, the reliability of MUT has been comprehensively investigated in recent years with a particular focus upon the influence of Human Factors upon the Probability of defect Detection (PoD). Without exception, these trials have demonstrated that the reliability of MUT is sub-optimal

Proposed Solution:

- Develop a system wide approach that improves the performance and functionality of each of the three key elements in the MUT system: the procedure, the equipment, and the personnel in order to create a step-change in the reliability of MUT inspection

Proposed Objectives:

- Model scanning patterns for typical structure geometries to be used for MUT

- Develop a spatial positioning system to locate the position of transducers during MUT

- Develop an Bayesian inference engine to help the inspector in the decision making and reliability of inspection

- Develop a training environment